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Motorised Arm


This pretty handy Motorised Arm can grab something and move away with it. Of course, you have to control it with remotes, but I think the concept is acceptable, it was fun to bulid and it took me a while (I don't have photos of the real one). I wanted to build my concept of a handy robot for small tasks. I did't use pistons, because I don't have one of those, so I took what I had. 


It has 3 medium motors (two for the tracks and one for the claw) and a XL motor for controlling the height of the arm. Also, some rubber bands holds the claws in closed position, so the arm has more power. At the back, there's a weight integred into the frame (in addition to the battery box) for a greater counterweight. I wouldn't say it's the most attractive robot, but the originality can make me think it's a great LEGO set.

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