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Clash Royale Arena

This is a Lego version of the arena of Clash Royale .
It has 6 main towers which are in the arena .  It also has more towers and structures surrounding the arena.
This project is based on the arena 7 of the game
I hope you like it :)
I built it because I think it is a great concept for a Lego set. 
I think it will make for a fun play set  or even a good set to put on display .
I will be trying to update it frequently with new characters and improvements on the structures.
As character i included:
Kings ,Princesses , Mini Pekka, Baby Dragon , Zappies, Sparky and the Miner
I also included the ability of removing the towers in order to recreate the destruction of the towers like in the game.
I hope you like it !

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