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Solar System Planets (True Scale)

Solar System Planets: You are looking at a true scale model of the 8 planets in our solar system, accompanied by the figures out of Greek and Roman mythology, of which the planets bear their names, and information plaques to teach about the planets. These LEGO planets are on a 1mm:1429km scale, the smallest possible scale using round LEGO, so that it easily fits on your desk.

Once in high school I was challenged by my science teacher to build a scale model of the solar system, that is, scaled both in size and relative distance. Only when I confidently started this challenge I started realising how enormous the differences in scale were between the planets, sun and distances between them. Whilst Mercury is only 3.2mm in diameter on the now used scale, the sun would be a sphere with a diameter 1m across, the distance from the Sun to the Earth would be over 100m, and to Neptune over 3km!
Now several years later the idea of making this scale model out of LEGO popped up in my head, and so I did.

Every planet, except for Earth, Is named after a mythological figure (Roman or Greek). These figures accompany the 8 planets as custom Minifigures to bring life and personality to each of the planets. Furthermore each planet is displayed with an information plaque showing the real planet, some specs and interesting facts to learn more about them.

This set is perfect for science, astronomy and mythology lovers of all age, as a model to display on your desk, to use as prop in your classroom, or simply to bring more life to your LEGO space scene.
And since the Minifigures and planets are not interconnected, the setup can be easily customized; you can even space out the planets so that the distances are on the same scale as their size (assuming you have a 3km long place free in you room ;p)!

Included in this set are:
- Scale models of planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune
- 8 custom information plaques and displays for the planets
- 8 custom Minifigures from Roman and Greek mythology:
  • Mercury, Roman Messenger of the Gods
  • Venus, Roman Goddess of beauty
  • Terra Mater (translates to Mother Earth), Roman Goddess of earth and the Earth
  • Mars, Roman God of war
  • Jupiter, Roman God of the sky and lightning and king of the Gods, more commonly known as it's Greek equivalent Zeus
  • Saturn, Roman God of agriculture, wealth and time
  • Uranus, Greek God of the sky
  • Neptune, Roman God of the sea, more commonly known as it's Greek equivalent Poseidon

(Unfortunately I currently lack the means to give earth a custom texture, therefore I cheated a bit with intersecting LEGO pieces, but the end goal is to use custom stickers or imprints to add the detail our little home planet deserves.)
(The photo's on the information plaques of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and neptune are taken by NASA. The photo of Mars is taken by ESA.)

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