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Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas


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Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!!!


This model is a replica of the famous Las Vegas sign situated South of the Las Vegas strip. Designed by Betty Willis in 1959 this sign has become a landmark and is recognised world wide as the 'gate' to the Las Vegas Strip.


The model features both sides of the sign which can be displayed either way. Included are two tourist minfigs which have waited in line for a long time to get their snaps with the sign. Created using LDD and to minfig scale, this compact model would sit nicely on a desk or shelf and would be great for other minifigs to pose next to!(Batman) 

In an update I would like to add an additional minifig of Betty Willis who designed the sign in 1959 but sadly passed in 2015. 

Technical Info

Number of Parts: 216

Dimensions Approx.: L 17.6cm W 17.6cm H 22cm

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Viva Las Vegas!!! :)



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