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Lego Vending Machine project


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What could be more awesome then having your own vending machine, especially one made out of Lego bricks? My mini vending machine is really easy to operate so you could have your mini soda for your minifigs in three simple steps.            

                                                  1. Get your Lego $100 (Which is included in this set)

                                                  2. Put your $100 bill in the the little slot.

                                                  3. Push on your $100 (while in the slot) and watch your soda come out.

Now the things that I would like customized for this vending machine project is different types of soda, a wide variety of colored vending machines, bigger sizes (made out of 200-350 pieces). I hope you enjoy this project as much as I do. Make sure to support, comment, and follow me.





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