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Composers of the Orchestra


Whether your Song of Joy is classical, you`re feeling In the Mood for jazz, want an interesting display piece or just want some entertainment in your Lego city, Composers of the Orchestra is for you!


Composers of the Orchestra would make a great Lego set because it includes lots of classical and jazz instruments of the orchestra which can be swapped around on a highly detailed golden stage, conducted by four of the world`s most famous orchestral composers of Classical and Jazz, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Benny Goodman (The King of Swing) and Glenn Miller.


Composers of the Orchestra includes:


Three golden trumpets

Three golden trombones

Three saxophones

Double Bass (Can be cello)

Drum kit with cymbals, snare drum, bass drum and stool

Upright piano with piano key details and music sheet

Pipe organ with key details

Three oboes

Three violins with bows

Three silver flutes

Two drumsticks

Extra bow to be used with double bass as cello



Sandstone architecture

Four supporting columns

Golden fences

Steps leading up to stage

Classical (architecture) style roof

Golden roof details

Inspiration taken from Andre Rieu`s Maastricht concert stage

Includes 16 minifigures (12 band performers) Four composers; left to right: Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Benny Goodman (The King of Swing) and Glenn Miller.


452 pieces


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