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Johnson Wax Building - Frank Lloyd Wright - Architecture

The Johnson Wax Headquarters is one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s few corporate works. A research building for household chemicals, its construction started in 1936 and was later updated in 1950 with the addition of the tower.

The building is made of many round shapes and interpenetrating volumes. The main materials are red bricks whereas the windows are made of tubular glass and follow the curves of the walls in a streamline manner.
The most iconic element, however, are the pilars: they act as a modular unit for the whole structure and look like "lily pads".
The structure is located in Racine, Wisconsin, and was designated as a National Historic Landmark.

I fell in love for this building while studying it at university and instantly began thinking of how to transpose it with Lego bricks. This model was a real challenge for me, I took full advantage of some of the most recent parts like the rounded tiles and 45° angled plates. With very few compromises I managed to preserve both the overall look and the scale between the elements.

I strongly believe this would be a really nice addition to the LEGO Frank Lloyd Wright collection in the Architecture line.

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