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Parisian Subway - MP 89

This Paris metro train is not the most famous of all, but it is a technological marvel. The MP 89 (FR: Métro Pneumatique appel d'offres 1989 / EN: Pneumatic Subway tender 1989) is declined in 2 models. A CC (FR: Conduite avec Conducteur / EN: Driving with Driver) model, designed to run on pneumatic lines with a driver. These train sets preceded the automation of two lines in the Paris network (line 1 in 2010 and line 4 in 2022). The other version of the MP 89 is the CA (FR: Conduite Automatique / EN: Automatic Control) model, the version shown here. It entered service in 1998 with the inauguration of line 14, the first automatic line of the entire network. France is a pioneer in automated rolling stock with the VAL in Lille in the 80s. In Paris, line 1 is the first line with a driver to be automated in the world.

Why did I have the idea to build this model of metro?
It came from the fact that LEGO wheels look like the wheels of pneumatic subways. And the original shape of the MP 89 made me want to build it with LEGO. I first took my real bricks, in order to find the right shape and I improved it on Mecabricks.

Fun fact. Derived versions of the MP 89 exist in two places in the world. In Lausanne, Switzerland, two-body CA versions are in circulation as well as improved CC versions in Santiago, Chile, where they are called NS 93.

I'm counting on you to make this creation reach 10k!

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