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UCS Lego Gunship - Merkabah


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I always wanted to build something beautiful. In the end I succeeded. I would like to share with you the possibility to build a spacecraft that is different than the others. Great for a display. Spaceship with dynamic and aggressive look. One more epic element for your LEGO spaceship collection.

I spent half a year to design and build my creation. The project is completely mine. I was not based on any existing sci-fi universe. I do not know how many bricks I have used to build the spaceship but the weight of the model is more than 4 kg. Number of building techniques used in this model will make building unforgettable experience. Minifigs inside are just for example. This project was born from love to sci - fi.

The spacecraft not only looks great on display but it is completely swooshable. In the central part between the upper wings there is a holder connected to the main frame. The structure is very rigid and stable. I regard it as my achievement because dimensions of a ship are: 75 x 60 x 44 cm.

I hope you like my project. I ask for your support. Together we can make this spaceship official lego set.


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