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Lakeside Stories


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It's dad and me back at the old lakeside house again. We live their periodically during the summer. My dad sleeps on the first floor. I sleep by myself in the little room upstairs. It's really soothing when I hear the waterfall gushing out of the old bell tower the townsfolk used to use.

Funny Story:

As you can tell, the faces did not generate while rendering so now they are faceless. Wow. Anyways, this was never meant to be a Lakeside Cottage. It was originally supposed to be a flying castle. From there it turned into a mountainside resort. Then into a little cottage on the beach, then into a building sliding off a cliff (yes that happened). From there into Lakeside Stories. If you want to see why it's named that, scroll down.

Features of the Build:

Old bell/clock tower
Small boat with a little dock
Study room in the clock tower
Little bedroom on the second floor
Kitchen, dining area, and bed on the first floor
Door to mini outdoor garden outside
Built into a huge mountain
Telescope on a small balcony
Lots of greenery
All areas are accessible through the back

What is it?

This is what my dream vacation is. Going out into a little cottage we can call home. You can fish off the dock, go on a boat ride, or look at the starry night sky through the telescope. There is a little waterfall coming out of the bell tower. It redirects the river into the lake. 

The History Behind It

This isn't just an ordinary building. It is a cottage with an entire bell tower on it for crying out loud. It has a lot of history behind it as well. The build was originally going to be a observatory but then it started to mold into the little cottage I've always wanted. From there, it turned into the Lakeside Stories.

Why is it called Lakeside Stories?

Whenever I imagine being here, I can always imagine that one person telling a story around the campfire and I felt like this build perfectly symbolized that feeling. I want this to be a LEGO Set people can relate to and feel some sort of connection with.

Why you should support it?

This build deserves to be on the market. It looks and is unique compared to any others on the market. I am currently trying to be the world's youngest LEGO Fan Designer and I feel like this build will get me there. 

Your support will be much appreciated!
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