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Hello, this MOC is a depiction of a father teaching his children about aviation. The pictures depict a scene of the father taking his children out for flights in his plane.

The MOC consists of a Barn, Airplane, and a Tractor and four minifigs. The Barn sits on a 48 x 48 stud baseplate. The Barn measures 34 studs wide by 36 studs long by 30 bricks high. The roof of the Barn opens up to reveal the inside which reveals a loft that stores the spare parts for the plane. The side of the Barn has a playground installed with a slide, merry go round, see saw, and tire swing attached to a small tree. The tractor is used to taxi out the plane from the barn. The Airplane is based upon a Bi-Plane design it measures 24 studs wide by 29 studs long, it is large enough to accommodate two minifigs.

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