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Batmobile Tumbler Minifig Scale

One of the most recreated vehicles in LEGO, The Batmobile Tumbler from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Design by Batman Begins Production Designer Nathan Crowley and Christopher Nolan.

This creation was originally created by myself in early 2008 using LEGO's Digital Designer software and later in MLCAD. While many have taken a shot at creating this before and after, I feel mine is the most accurate available while still being able to fit an official Batman minifigure inside.

While not perfect, I do believe with enough votes and LEGO's help I can create an even better version for mass production.

Custom instructions created in MLCAD are already available online:
Online Instructions
or Rebrickable

For more videos, images and details on the build check out the following links

On Flickr:
Black Version
Camo Version

On MOCPages:
Black Version
Camo Version

Suggested additional items:
Black version:
Vehicles: Joker's Circus Truck, SWAT Van
Minifigures: Batman, Joker, 2x Henchmen, SWAT Gordon and SWAT officer.

Camo Version:
Wayne Tech playset with computer consoles and gear cabinets
Minifigures: Bruce Wayne, Lucius Fox, Balaclava Spelunking Bruce Wayne

*Bane decal designs shown below designed by ED-209 and not part of this CUSSOO submission

Does it come in black?

Due to the lack of available pieces in the right colours, this camouflage version was painstakingly hand painted using vinyl dye. With LEGO's help I'm sure the same effect can be achieved by either smart use coloured pieces and/or printed pieces.

This creation fits an official Batman minifigure perfectly inside while still being able to close the roof piece.

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