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Lego Care Bears


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Hello Lego Fans and welcome to my next project:

Lego Care Bears

The Care Bears are a group of multi-colored bear characters. The original artwork was painted by artist
Elena Kucharik for American Greetings Corporation, LLC in 1981 to be used on greeting cards;
but the characters were later used for toys, and in TV programs and films.

So its the 35th Anniversary of the Care Bears.

Since 1983 they are produced as plush reddy bears.
And wouldn't it be great if they would be made of lego bricks now?

There are so many characters of Care Bears.
I just created some and included them in this Idea.

The Lego Care Bears Set would include:

Tenderheart Bear (Heart)
Cheer Bear (Rainbow)
Funshine Bear (Sun)
Grumpy Bear(Cloud)
Bedtime Bear (Moon)
Good Luck Bear (Four Leaf Clover)
Share Bear (Lollypops)

And also this Set would include two Cloudmobiles.
One Cloudmobile would be a big one with a seating in front and back.
It would also have a openable bonnet.
The other Cloudmobile is a small one with just one seat.

The Display is full playable and would contain 4 parts which could be combined to one display.
There would be:
a Slide
a Swing with a big Rainbow
a Look-Out with a telescope
a little cloud bridge

So with this features you could have both: a good looking display and a full playable mini set.

As a bonus I added a small version of the Cloud Castle with a Care Bears plate.

Optional I could add the Caring Meter (also known as a care-o-meter).

Because of the House Rule "Only use original Bricks" I coudn't add a Lion or Elephant Face.
But wouldn't it be cool if this Set could also include Brave Heart Lion and/or Lotsa Heart Elephant?

I tried to recreate this theme to an own Lego themed Idea.

I showed this to my doughter and she has choosen some colors I used in this project.
She said that this is a very cute and awesome idea and can't wait to play with it.

What do you think?

Please leave a comment what you like or not to improve this project.
Also, if you would like to have other characters included..I would try to
add or change this project.

Now its up to you to make it real.
I haven't found an Idea like this before.
So please help to make it happen.
Wouldn't it be awesome if Lego would also include them to Lego Dimensions?
Who else would like to drive a Cloudmobile?

Thank you so much for you visit and support.

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