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Cuphead Inkwell Isle One

This is a build of some of the elements of Inkwell Isle One from the game Cuphead. It is the third Cuphead set I have submitted so if you like it, I suggest you check out my other two. The idea started when I made Wally Warbles' head, I thought if I modified the design it would make a good Goopy Le Grande. But then I realized that him alone would be too small, so I made some of the other elements from Isle One. It gave me a reason to include a minifigure of King Dice, if I had a Die House in the set. Plus the Die House has one of the best songs in the game. I included the garden that the Root Pack's fight takes place in because it was Elder Kettle's garden in the Cuphead show. I think this set would be popular with fan's of the game and fan's of the show.

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