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At first glance, this bunny seems to be very cute and harmless; however, looks can be deceiving. This bunny is in fact a vampire! Don't worry though because Bunnicula doesn't drink blood. Bunnicula drinks the juice out of vegetables. When Bunnicula drinks the juice of any vegetable besides a carrot, he gains a different power depending on the vegetable.

Bunnicula originally began as a book series and was never confirmed to be a vampire in the books. He later gained his own cartoon and was confirmed in the cartoon to be a vampire.

Bunnicula lives with his owner Mina Monroe, along with his fellow pets, Harold (a dog) and Chester (a cat). Bunnicula is very mischievous and loves to pull scary pranks, especially on Chester. Even though he's mischievous, Bunnicula is willing to do anything to save his friends when they are in danger. He's even willing to expose himself to the sun and turn into a pile of ash if it means his friends are safe. Bunnicula especially loves Mina and will do anything if he thinks it will make her happy.

Included in this design are a set of bat wings that can be swapped with his ears like in the cartoon. I also, have a carrot for Bunnicula to eat. Bunnicula's legs, arms, fingers, head, and ears can all move and be positioned however you like them to be.

I designed this set after finding Bunnicula on Boomerang. Since Halloween was just a few days ago, I was really inspired to do a set based on a Halloween theme. Since Bunnicula is both a cute bunny and a vampire, I thought it would be a perfect character to design for a Halloween set.

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