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Long Range Fighter

This long range fighter is mainly used for freight escort. Designed for independence in deep space. The intakes on the sides house small gravity well generators that vacuum up any available dust or gas within 150 million km. The Einstein Mass converter turns this into usable energy for everything on board. Basically, it can run on fumes for eternity. 

This is another build done entirely in Alas I have not the bricks required for such a beauty. That's why I need your support! 
This is an original build but you can probably spot some major influences, Star Wars, Star Trek and old games like Tyrian and Descent.

Cockpit detaches and doubles as escape pod
Retractable landing gear

This would make a great set. I want it. If you guys get it up to ten thousand supports then I won't have to buy it. 

Thank you! And please check out my other builds! 

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