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VR Arcade Modular


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Ever since I was a child I have always loved the arcades down by the seafront and even as an adult it is something that I still enjoy. Being down the arcades reminds me of so much, family holidays, hanging out with friends and even somewhere where me and my wife went for our first date!

I have included some classic arcade games, including a punch machine and ride on rocket out the front to arcades, a dance machine and even an airhockey game on the ground floor. Work your way through the building and up the stairs to the Pizza restaurant with a balcony to look over at your fellow gamers. Up to the second floor you will find the VR zone, I recently visited a VR experience and wow what an experience, this is the way forward!  I have included 12 Minifigures that can switch roles around the building and 3 pesky birds on the roof waiting to steal your chips!!

I hope my project provokes some memories you have from growing up or even something you still enjoy to this day!

I have made it modular so it can be easily added to your own city and watch out for some updates in the future.  

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