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Golf Force One


Have you ever wondered how important minifig heads of state like to go golfing? Me neither, but if I did, I think they can’t be allowed to just waltz up to any golf course without proper security. However, bringing a tank to a golf course would ruin the grass and the sand dunes.

The solution?

The latest in golf cart minifig technology! - the golf force one, is the most advanced golf cart out there. It is equipped with a powerful electric motor that rivals any electric sports golf cart ever made! It is also made from high quality aircraft grade aluminum and is bullet-proof, though it lacks windows, doors or windshields. The greatest feature is the golf ball defense system, where the cart has the ability to shoot unused golf balls via stud shooters on the roof, in case the need arises.

If these features are not enough, The cart is surrounded with a team of super secret service and police to escort the VIP (very important minifig person) wherever he/she needs to play golf. This team uses 2 black motorcycles and a night-black SUV-cruiser. The super secret service prefers never to be seen, so their vehicles are painted night-black so that they are stealthy and can’t be seen in the night.

Set Includes

  • 1 pc. - golf force one golf cart.

  • 2 pcs. - black motorcycles

  • 1 pc. - night black vehicle

  • 2 pc. - police officers

  • 1 pc. - super secret service personnel (which you cant see)

  • 1 pc. - very important minifig person



  • The golf cart has 2 stud shooters that can shoot out golf - stud balls.

  • The night- black vehicle also has 2 stud shooters that can be used to shoot night black stud balls.

Play with caution!

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