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Birds Of Prey

As much as I’m a fan of LEGO, I’m a fan of birds. Unfortunately, when I got back to building LEGO, a lovely set 21301 was already out of market. I really wished to have a new bird set, so I’ve decided to give it a try myself.

Of all the birds, I love birds of prey the most, because they are strong and cool, so I built three different kinds of birds of prey.

One in the center is a harpy eagle, the largest eagle on earth. It lives in Amazon Jungle, feeds on sloths and monkeys. Despite its size he/she is a very agile hunter.

The one on the right is a Secretary bird. Unique and elegant birds of prey that lives in African Savannah. It feeds on snakes, catching them with a deadly kick.

On the left, I made an Andean condor, the largest flying scavenger, living on the mountain. Humps on head and throat makes this bird really unique, which is why I chose it for my third model.

I always start modeling creatures from its head. Here I kept beak size one stud wide to make the model size handy just like the set 21301. Since birds of prey have smaller head to body ratio than singing birds, I had to make the head compact, keeping it around two studs, while giving it enough details.

If you are a bird lover too, I wish I could have some support.

Thank you.

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