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Bat-Pod & Custom figure




This is my 2nd Bat-Pod creation.

After build 1st batpod, i want build new one using a tumbler tires.
Because grown with the tire size, I had to redesign all parts.

The core of this design was to recreate the Bat-Pod works in movie scenes.

Components of the project
Bat-Pod Mk.II
Stands for Bat-Pod Mk.II
custom figures by Zerobaek team

1137 of brick is used for the build this set

size of this set.
Length - 47cm
Deep - 12cm
Height - 13cm

As you can see the photo, the key driving factor of Bat-Pod in the movie -the rotation of the front and rear wheels frame- is possible.

When design this, i wanted to make adding my own design based on the  Bat-Pod in movie.


I also build EMP rifle attached to the rear frame.

And I had to create independent stand for the figures.
It was made
with the idea of Batman armory.

I will be glad if you like the design of this Bat-Pod

Thank you!

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