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Roman Forum

"I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble."

For many centuries the Forum played a crucial part in the day to day life of Roman citizens. It was the central location where you got your news, conducted business, participated in elections, payed taxes, and connected with other citizens.

The Forum was home to many beautiful temples, marketplaces, triumphal arches, and other monuments. This model depicts a small portion of what it might have looked like in its glory days. A large temple is the centerpiece with a easily removable roof. Inside, is a golden statue and red ribbons hanging on the walls. Next to the temple is a triumphal arch, most likely constructed to celebrate a previous Emperor. The background has a large aquifer as they where very common to find in many Roman cities.

It's a relatively simple model I designed to be a fun display for those who enjoy history from this time period.

1776 pieces
6 figures
  • 1 Senator
  • 2 Legionaries
  • 1 Centurion
  • 1 Woman of nobility
  • 1 Statue
Height: 21cm/8.25 inches
Length: 42cm/16.5 inches
Width: 25.5cm/10 inches

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