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Department Store (Target Country)


Since many of my followers and supporters have said to me why not re-submit an older expired project so I chose the Target Country Store.

Now why you may ask, well I have a supermarket among other projects which got a reboot anyway.

In country Australia a common sight are Target Country stores, many are redesigned Coles Stores from the 1950's some are new.

The building style is 1930's to 1940's fusion of Art Deco and moderism, the doors can be posed open or closed. Extra minifigs as customers could be included as well.

On display in the second picture we have portable electronics, women's fashion, hair accessories and you can just see some homewares.

Either stickered items or brick built items or minifig/minidoll accessories could be used to stock this store.

You can see clothing and homewares in the third image much easier now.....custom made bath towels and some kitchenware from the Friend's collection.

This is the 2013 version of Target Country replacing the older design which was stripped down about two years to creation other structures featured on Cuusoo.

Such a set would retail for between 40 to 50 dollars US including the SNOT built roof and tiled flooring.

Please note that this design is a few years old and sadly isn't part of my collection anymore so extra photos are not really possible.

Please if you like this project support and follow it, thank you for reading and Brick On everyone ! .

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