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Speedy Gonzales’ Pizzarriba

Introducing Speedy Gonzales’ pizzeria, Pizzarriba! I remember just watching the Looney Tunes Show as a kid and wanting to personally visit this pizzeria. All the characters from the show would go to eat there while Speedy served them the second after they ordered. This would make a great Lego set because most people already want a Looney Tunes set but there hasn’t been one yet. The structure of the building and interior is just fascinating. 

Minifigures include: Bugs Bunny, Speedy Gonzales, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and Yosemite Sam!

The interior includes tables, drinking machines, TV, and even an oven!

Support to give this set a chance on becoming a REAL Lego set. Thank you.

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