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Flying Car


New designs and better pictures!

Hello, fellow supporters! 

It has certainly been a while since I updated this, and I made a few changes over that time span, and I took just overall better pictures of the Flying Car.

Here they are.

The sides of the vehicle are now angled, and the roof is streamlined a bit more.

I hope that you like these updates. 


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Thanks for supporting! 


Stealth Hover Car

Hello, fellow supporters! I forgot to add an update here about my newest project, the Stealth Hover Car. Here’s a picture of it and the link.

It’s not part of this project because I thought that one project is hard to find, and updates can be even harder to bring attention to, thus, I made it have its own project.

Thanks for supporting! 


New Designs And White Background

Hello fellow supporters!

I have updated the yellow hovercar design, and have taken pictures against a white background. I still need to take pictures of the police hovercar. 

I like changing and revising things.

Thanks for the support, and check out my other projects!


More Designes

Here are some more designs of hover cars I made. Enjoy!

Thanks for the support!

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