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EPIC EXPLORIENS-MECHA!!To Infinity and Beyond🔥


Exploriens is now join the 90th Contest plz go support~~

Happy 90th Anniversary!!
SPACE Exploriens Forever!


EXPLORIENS Important Parts Plate

1996 LEGO System SPACE Subtheme: EXPLORIENS COOL Series


Background Info about EXPLORIENS Theme

The Awesome Sets From 1996 EXPLORIENS Series:

Respect to my Favorite Theme!! Enjoy everyone =P


Some Recent Cool Recaps of my MECHAs Now

A Good MECHA deserves a Good BASE Too!

The Exploreins-Mecha got 500 Support Now!
plz show me more support Guys thx❤️


It is time for a cool Video Update!!

Now lets see how the Exploriens-Mecha look in Real life


EXPLORIENS-Mecha with Maintenance Hanger in Base

Hello fans, Today I will show some photos of my Exploriens Base.
When you have a Super-Mecha in your Force, of course you will need a big hanger to maintain it.
There you go, here. is my Hanger for my MECHA.

There are total 10 Exploriens mini figures in the hanger to do the maintenance work. If you look Carefully, you will find many details in every corner of the Hanger.

Thanks for Watching, Plz Support me on LEGO Ideas and share to your friends too =P


The Designing Process of My Exploriens-Mecha


Here is the ARM part of EXPLORIENS-MECHA, 101 parts for 1 ARM, 3 way movement range.

ARM Part Design Highlights:
1. Strong Armor Cover the whole Arm Part

2. 3 parts Ball-Joint Articulation ARM Design: Shoulder/Arm/Wrist.

3. 4 Fingers Hand Design to better hold Weapons.

4. Magnet Mechanism in Hand to better hold Magnet Units.


Here is the CORE part of EXPLORIENS-MECHA, 344 parts, Cockpit for 1 Pilot.

CORE Part Design Highlights:
1. Total 8 Control Panels in the Cockpit. Very Complex and Pilot-Focus.

2. Use Iconic Exploriens NEON-Blue Glass.

3. Two Big Head lights under Cockpit.

4. 4 Reserved Linkage Black Units on top for future Weapon Installation. 


Here is the WAIST part of EXPLORIENS-MECHA, 115 parts, Full 180 degree rotation.

WAIST Part Design Highlights:
1. Waist part is important to link the body.

2. Can realize 180 Degrees Horizontal Spin. 

3. Adopt a new mechanism leg Joint part. To greatly increase movement range.

4. 2 Neon-Green Spotlights at lower Waist.


Here is the LEG part of EXPLORIENS-MECHA, 188 parts for one leg, strong support for body.

LEG Part Design Highlights:
1. LEGS Use STRONG Size Design,To better hold the upper body and increase Stability.

2. 3 Ball-Joint Articulation LEGS to Increase Motion Ability.

3. 4 Little Neon-Green Lights under Knees and 4 Neon-Green Jets behind.

4. Exploriens logo on top to honor my favorite Series.

THX for your Attention. Here is the 1st Update of the MECHA.
To all mecha fan:lets make it an official set if possible❤️😉!

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