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Research and Analysis Workshop


The Research and Analysis Workshop is the main hub for the Defenders of the Spire. This base promotes the creation of new technologies, like infinite power sources, and repairs broken things. Technicians work around the clock, relieving incoming messages, sending out new ones, programming machines, and calculating important formulas. Engineers are also always working; repairing and designing new things are their passions. The real brains behind the Defenders of the Spire,  the Research and Analysis Workshop is always buzzing with activity.


Includes 5 minifigures, including:

2 Male Technicians

2 Male Engineers

1 Female Engineer

1 Male Technician in casual clothes


Comes with two tool chests, including  a wrench, an crowbar, two hammers, a circular saw, a socket wrench, a larger (custom made) socket wrench, two drills, a small hammer, a screwdriver, and an oil can.

Comes with an additional 8 work suits on the second floor, along with space or radiation helmets.

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