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N.W.E.S Sentinel


Behold the incredible New World Explorers Ship Sentinel! This behemoth was built with thousands of bricks and has many features, including: a crew of 4 minifigures, a gunner's station with turret defense controls, exit bays and hatches, doors leading to other parts of the ship, weapon/tool rooms, a huge cargo hold with railed catwalks, fuel station, and room for 2 small ships and a moon rover, 2 primary weapon turrets with firing missiles, 2 poseable secondary turrets, 2 massive primary engines, 2 secondary engines, 3 tertiary boosters, 4 anti-gravitational boosters (2 on top, 2 on bottom), an angled opening cargo bay screen, an opening cargo bay exit ramp, fold-up landing gear, and a brick-built ladder leading up to the second deck where you'll find the pilot/navigator's station with a vast array of controls. And, each room and deck has a removable roof for easy access. The 2 starfighters included each feature easy folding wings for storage, an opening cockpit with controls, an opening rear hatch to fit a whole minfigure or other cargo, and a streamlined design for the coolest space missions. The moon rover also features a cockpit with controls, firing stud launchers, and a rear cargo hatch for all kinds of cargo.

This set is hours of fun and building all packed into one amazing ship. I had so much fun constructing it and displaying it. There are so many different kinds of parts, including over a dozen windows, giant wheels for engines, wings, light transparent blue vehicle canopies, engine parts, missile launchers, smooth large spaceship pieces, a lot of pieces with buttons and dials printed on, garage door pieces, and so much more.

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