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Lego Interactive Restaurant.


This design hopefully will be one alot of folks will like. This is a Quote unquote "Interactive Restaurant."  What this means is The way the food is set up is not the way it has to be setup You can put the different types of food at different tables and vise versa, Note: The food sitting on the tables are just placements, They can be switched around to and configuration people want. The Kitchen while Small has a difference in Two photos, One has Pizza the other has Cups I didn't know which one I wanted to use. A small cash register is where Customers names are taken or where Patrons pay.

On the end of the booths are Sodas,More cups, Bottled drinks. On the end near the Front entrance is a cold storage area for drinks as well and Mustard and Ketchup are on top.  There are extra chairs stacked in the back corner, This type of Restaurant is a all around kind of Resaruant so as you can see there's all types of foods. The Architecture is based on several real restaurants I've been to including the open walls at the front you may see in Mall Resraurants.

NOTE: The sitdown chairs by the Kitchen's windows may be changed, I haven't decided yet.

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