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Chibi Lego builds ( CHIBO'S ) STAR WARS - R2D2, C3PO and Leia with Salacious Crumb

Hey there,
My CUUSOO submission idea is is to create cute little CHIBO builds, Chibi style Lego characters.

These have the collect-ability of the mini figure line but with the added bonus of fun builds.

The character possibility is endless. If you have a special request or idea for a character you would like me to make/submit let me know.

This is my eighth set of CHIBO'S. Featuring another set of 3 characters from STAR WARS.

I have many other characters ready to submit but I will be doing these in sets of three. Hopefully, if we can get enough support we could have a whole cast of characters in this style.

I have submitted these in sets of three rather than as just a general "IDEA" because CUUSOO does not encourage or support an idea for an open series of sets so this way people can support their favorites ( Although I hope you can support them all)

eighth set is-

Slave Leia

These would look great on display or great for play, so hopefully will appeal to both adult collectors as well as kids.
I have packed in as much articulation and details into these little guys as I can to make them super pose-able, fun and interesting to build.

More sets to come soon.

Princess Leia (Slave Costume)
Leia has around 412 pieces featuring full articulation of all parts- a ball jointed neck/head, full 360' movement on shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles, fully posable braid/plait as well as rotating wrists, pose-able fingers and chain. I tried to include every detail I could such as her hair adornments and costume parts.
She comes with a display base like the base of Jabba's throne and a Salacious Crumb figure(68 peices).
Leia comes with her Vibro Axe Staff.


Artoo and Threepio both come with a Tatooine display base/stand which can be attached together or displayed separately.

C3PO (Threepio)
C3PO has around 231 pieces featuring full articulation of all parts- a ball jointed neck/head, full 360' movement on shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles as well as rotating wrists and pose-able fingers.

R2D2 (Artoo)
R2D2 has around 250 pieces featuring full articulation of all parts- a rotating head/canopy, rotating movement on shoulders and 360' movement on "ankles" removable third middle leg ( could not get it to flip in without affecting the look of the final model)
Has attachable Hologram (Help me Obi-wan :) and opening chest to reveal flip out fold-able weapon or tool.

Thanks for your support,
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Please hit that support button, I will be adding more sets shortly with some really great characters that I hope everyone will love.

Once again any comments or suggestions please let me know.
Don't forget to follow me to get notified of new CHIBO'S.


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