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Starseeker Shuttle


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This is a space shuttle used by cadets to travel to an orbiting Space Station.

I've always wanted a flying car and now I have one. It seats four under a clear bubble similar to George Jetson's car. The shuttle is a transport not designed for interplanetary travel, but unlike a mini jet, it can reach orbital space. It's a unique addition to the Lego space theme that's an unarmed recreational transport designed for daily travel.

All kids at some point dream of a future world in space and this set will help bring those hopeful dreams to life. 

The shuttle is flown by the engineering genius, Brandon. Garret is the prince of the kingdom training to command a starship. Annie is an ace pilot equal in grace to Garret with a laser sword, and Melody is the communication wiz. They are trained to survive and defend themselves on future missions in space but there aren't really any aliens out there... are there?

(The chrome landing base plate is an optional addition.) Multiple images were used for the cover photo because minifigs were distorted under the wind screen. I created the logo in Photoshop.

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