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Unus Annus


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Unus Annus is a youtube channel that I adore and I wanted to make a lego set inspired by the logo of this. This set features; two skulls, an hourglass that works, and Mark, Amy, and Ethan Minifigures with their personal stands. Not pictured are the 100 studs that u can use as "sand" for the hourglass. If you are a fan of Unus Annus u can also comment what else I should add as I can update them and to the people that worry about the time frame etc.. I wanna say that this could be a very limited drop but most drops for lego ideas are very limited anyway. Even if mark and Ethan don't accept this offering the possibility of it would still be pretty cool.

note: the second image is the white part of the hourglass but the render was just off

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