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Technic mountain bike

Dear Reader,

As a fanatic cyclist and Lego Technic fan, I decided to build a montain bike using mainly Technic parts. The bicycle has the following functions:

- steering
- front suspension
- rear suspension
- by moving the pedals the rear wheel rotates
- stay-rod (bumpkin)

Tough it's a fixie, I wanted to model the original bicycle, so small gears have been added to the rear.

Please visit the following links to see them moving

Yellow mountain bike:

Black mountain bike:

Technical details:

Length - 26 cm
Height - 18 cm
Width - 11 cm

The model was built using 169 parts (36 chain link), 98% of them are technic elements.

Off road tires are not available for this rim size, so please imagine the bikes with proper tires - I am sure, that the Lego Company would be able to produce correct ones :)

Thanks for everyone who supports this project!

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