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Police Bike



The Police Bike is an experiment with sideways building. My goal was to improve my building skills using sideways pieces as well as verticle ones. I also just wanted to have fun building with my Lego collection. (I guess that was my real reason.) I started with the idea of making a car chassis with two central wheels, combining a car with a motorcycle. I had no idea what my final product would end up looking like. I then revised version after version until I found my final product. The bike went through multiple stages in its development. I struggled with whether it should have a windshield or not, whether it should have a spoiler or not, if it should be a police car or just a concept car, and other dilemas like that. The set is sturdy and rolls well. 

As a Lego set, this project would fall between City and Creator. It is intermediate difficulty, easy enough for older kids to put together. I hope it could be branded as a futuristic police vehicle. 

I build with Legos just to have fun. I have been doing it for as long as I can remember. I am thankful that I now have a chance to be a part of my favorite company. Please support my project. I appreciate every vote.

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