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Flying Saucer (UFO) - Meet the Greys


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Introducing my Lego Idea.  The Flying Saucer piloted by the Greys - Luckily it didn't crash this time!

Having a love of playing with Lego and a keen interest in all things Sci-Fi, I decided to put these two passions together to produce my creation.  This is a set which I felt was missing from my collection.  Using my current collection of Lego bricks/parts as well as purchasing a few extra parts and an additional alien (I believe he came from an undisclosed location somewhere just outside our Solar System) I was able to complete my Lego Ideas set. 

The set itself contains 4 Alien mini-figures, all of which fit snuggly into the Flying Saucer cockpit, ready to explore the far reaches of the galaxy (and Earth now and again!).  Three of the Aliens come with their own piece of Alien technology and the other one has a map (even Alien's can get lost!)

The Flying Saucer itself represents my depiction of what a real Flying Saucer would most likely look like.  The Flying Saucer has retractable landing legs so that it can be displayed as having landed or can be flown about with the landing legs up and fully secured.

The set comes on a desert display base complete with a little scorpion hiding under the bushes.  The set also comes with a display stand for the Aliens which also contains clips and holders for the Alien technology.

I believe this set would make a great addition to anyone's collection and would be enjoyed by all Lego lovers - young and old.  There seems to be a high level of interest in Flying Saucers and Aliens across the globe and therefore the product would be something that should have quite a wide appeal.

The set was a very enjoyable and interesting build with colourful hidden parts to increase the variety and enjoyment as well as using a number of different building techniques.  It would be great if this set could become a real Lego set, if fact it would be Out of this World!

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