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Modular Shop/Restaurant and Newspaper Co.


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Welcome to Hal's Shop and Cafe!

This is the only place to go to shop and eat in all of Lego City! The shop on the first floor is designed to be a food store, but could realistically be selling whatever you want to imagine is in the boxes. Upstairs, Mr. Williams is busy typing this weeks issue of the local paper so he can print it in time to send out. (Will be adding a paperboy, check the updates in future.


- Fully stocked shop on first floor with a cashier. (Updating the counter soon with a register)

- Second floor has a wonderful cafe with a kitchen and bathroom. There is a waiter to seat you and bring   you your food. (Had hoped to add a chef, unfortunately those minifigure parts are not in LDD)

- Third floor contains a newspaper company with a typewriter and a working printing press which moves     up and down to simulate printing newspapers. There are stacks of both fresh paper and printed papers.   There is a paper in the typewriter, and a man who writes the papers. His apartment is connected and       has a bed, lamp, bedside cabinet, and kitchenette with table.

The building fits perfectly with the current modular buildings and is approximately the same height as the emporium.

Please let me know what you think in the comments and anything you think I could do to improve the design. Thanks for your support and input.

-Johann Farley