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Crooks' Hideout

City Police beware!  The City Crooks are holed up in their hideout and they have lots of traps and trouble for any uninvited guests.  The trouble starts at the front door with a swinging hammer to keep police out.  If the police sidestep that, there is a trap door that leads to a crocidile pit! Thinking about using the backdoor?  Watch out for those missles!

Once inside things things don't get any easier.  The crook's computer hacing station transforms into a defensive position with six-stud shooter!  Going upstairs?  Watch out, those stairs can be collapsed. 

Upstairs there are two guards playing cards and perhaps unfortunately situated next to their TNT supply.  A gunfight here could result in a nasty explosion that blows out the side wall.

The Big Boss has his private office that he can bar the door to.  If the police break that door down, they are in for another surprise when Big Boss's desk transforms into a robotic mech!

The third floor holds the crooks' crown jewel, a conterfeit money printer.  Turn the crank and help the crooks print more conterfeit money tiles.

This fortress of illegal activity and trouble for any unsuspecting police contains approximately 2500 pieces and hours of action packed fun!

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