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I present you today my Lego Outhouse.

What is it?

My outhouse isn't just any toilet - it's an architectural masterpiece! With 2071 pieces, this set offers hours of building fun.
The outhouse model captures the rustic charm of traditional toilets, meticulously designed with attention to detail. Constructed on a sturdy foundation, its walls, complete with a working door, a flap at the back to empty the container which will inevitably become full.
The removable roof allows easy access, The outhouse has the size for the Lego Ideas Jazz figures.

Why did you build it?

During my childhood and youth in the 90s, I was often on holiday with my family in Scandinavia. On three of these trips we rented a log cabin in the forest by a lake, each of these log cabins had an outhouse. I remember this very unusual experience for us very well. Not an unpleasant memory, for me and my siblings these trips were an adventure that also included this toilet experience. That's why I designed this set. 

Why do I believe this would be a great Set?

I love modular houses, medieval sets and so many other Lego themes and sets but my outhouse would be something new, something that has never been done before. It would be a great set.

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