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In the Hall of the Mountain King

One of the best pieces of music by Edvard Grieg and an all time classic. It has been used in multiple movies such as the Social Network. Now it can be shown in LEGO and is fully modular! There is the Mountain Kings lair and a brave adventurer. On the rocks above there is Edvard Grieg and a small band. There is a Mountain King ready to defend his hall. Inside there is a treasure chest and 3 floors. On the second floor there is a fireplace and dining table with statues on pedestals to the left each with to letters to spell out Peer Gynt, the collection that this piece of music came out of. On the third there is the mountain kings throne and a hidden light brick in the removable ceiling to cast a red glow over the room. There is even a violin players skeleton hanging in a cage. 2005 pieces to enjoy.

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