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Lego premier league football

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Hi I'm mozza.... I'm like most people all around the world, a lover of football n lover of Lego ..... My idea would be for every premier league team to be re created in Lego ... All the individual players in the home and away shirts could then be bought as a full team or be sold individually in stores or through the actual football club shops...this would open up the possibility of kids in schools swopping players they get doubles of and the fact players come and go and don't stick around at clubs to long and the constant changing of the kits every few years makes it a never ending possibility ... There's the choice of the stadiums being sold in Lego and also special cup winning sides of years gone by being recreated as a special addition team .... This idea could be adapted to international sides and also other sports like rugby , American football and baseball etc ..... So if these ideas get u as excited as they do me then vote for me .... Thanks :)

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