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Mountain View


 This is the mountain view. Filled with colorful trees, this represents a fall scene in the mountains. I built this micro-scale model on LDD( Lego Digital Designer). The model has many mini trees, which include evergreens. I think this model could be for children, teenagers, and adults who like to build and display there models. Here are some of the features and spec. of the my MOC( My Own Creation). 

  • includes many small pieces
  • includes a special trans. blue 16x16 plate
  • includes a black, detachable base
  • there's a river
  • it has a island in the middle of the water
  • the model is micro scale
  • the model is built from 389 pieces

The following are some of what I think the model could be used for:

  1. it could be displayed with or without the black base.
  2. it could be display with other micro-scale models.
  3. it could be taken apart to build other models
  4. I think it could be played with

I hope you like this model. I'd like to here suggestions, so if you have any to share, put them in the comments. I may post updates in the future. Happy building!

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