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Jack Skellington, Sally, and Zero


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"This is Halloween!"

These giant minifigures are based off of three of the characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack Skellington, also known as the Pumpkin King, is a patron spirit of Halloween from Halloween Town. He is the Master of ceremonies and is respected by all the citizens of Halloween Town.

Sally is a rag doll stitched together by Doctor Finkelstein, Halloween Town's Mad Scientist. She often falls apart and has tow sew herself back together. She is Jack's closest friend and love interest.

Zero is Jack's ghost dog. His nose is a jack-o-lantern and can act as a bright light. Since he's a ghost, he floats around instead of walking.

Jack, Sally, and Zero has appeared in the Nightmare Before Christmas movie, in books, and in video games.

I designed this set after seeing the 76393 set. I had thought about what other giant minifigure sets could be designed. Jack, Sally, and Zero instantly popped in my head while I was talking with my mom because she loves the Nightmare Before Christmas movie. I decided to design this in honor of her. I know the design isn't the best, but the program I used to add their faces to the bricks wouldn't let me do the design for their clothes. Still, that can be easily solved by stickers or images printed on the bricks if this was made into a real set by LEGO.

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