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Box of Crayons

Opening a brand-new box of 64 crisp clean unused crayons is a moment of excitement for any kid. Seeing all those wonderful colors sparks creativity and possibility with so many different options to color with. Just like a box of crayons, LEGO brings about unlimited possibilities. LEGO has done a wonderful job of incorporating so many beautiful colors, I wanted to bring them all together in a display that never wears out.
This box incorporates 64 of the current colors from transparent, solid, metallic and even glow in the dark. Putting them all together makes for a beautiful display of color. The top of the box does a 270 degree swing so that it can hang nicely in back to allow a full display of all the many colors. Then also folds over to close up very nice and snug. Each crayon has a stud with a pin in the box to hold it securely in place so that even if a few are removed they would not tip over and get stuck. No need to dump them all out to get one that tipped sideways. I'm also suggesting a sticker on each crayon that would wrap around its side with its name on it as portrayed in the last image. This makes it look even more like the real thing and would aid in helping distinguish some of those hard to identify colors.
I really enjoy all the colors shown together in their many shades. A fresh box of new crayons has a look of creativity and inspiration, and it just looks happy. I hope you enjoy this set as much as I do and would consider supporting it.

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