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Little Sewing Machine

This little machine has gone viral! It has its own indescribable magic and I am so surprised by the love it has received. Many people who read my blog or have stopped in for a visit are just there because of the little LEGO sewing machine that I made while daydreaming during a LEGO-building session with the kiddos two years ago.

My little LEGO sewing machine gets a lot of love on Pinterest. And my blog analytics tell me that that over 5,000 people have looked at that post. Hilarious. It is my number one post. Many people have emailed asking for a tutorial or instructions on how to build it and several bloggers have built their own. I was even commissioned to make one for a complete stranger last summer.

This little model, if it could be supported and turned into a kit, could sell in quilting, sewing, and craft shops around the world! Now there is a market LEGO probably never thought it could tap!

Please help support this magical mini machine!

Electronic! Real control button panel display with screen...

Moving flywheel actually turns. Recreated feed dogs and throat plate.

Actual spool of thread sitting on that the tensioner can do its job. :) Bobbin winder on top.

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