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Brickheadz: EarthBound Heroes


Hello everyone, and welcome to my Brickheadz EarthBound Heroes LEGO Ideas project proposal. What you see here are all three main heroes from the EarthBound video game series, and they are as cute as they are powerful, from collecting melodies to saving some islands from ruin, these heroes and their psychic powers are a force to be reckoned with!

What is EarthBound?

The EarthBound series is a trilogy of video games created by Japanese writer Shigesato Itoi and published by Nintendo, spanning from three different video game systems. Known as the Mother trilogy in its native Japan, they are Role-Playing games with a modern twist: instead of swords and magic, baseball bats, yoyos, and psychic powers are used. The second game, Mother 2, was for many years the only one of the trilogy to be released overseas, and since then it has gained a cult following, even inspiring a fan website dedicated to the series!

What are some details about the models?

According to the parts list, there are 401 pieces total, and all three models go together in one set. The models were done using LEGO Digital Designer, and the models are as tall as any other Brickheadz model.

Who exactly are the characters involved?

Ninten - Ninten makes his debut in the first game of the series, Mother, for the Nintendo Famicom (the Japanese version of the Nintendo Entertainment System) in 1989. The game is also known unofficially as EarthBound Zero and officially released as EarthBound Beginnings in 2015 for the Wii U's Virtual Console service. Ninten is the heir of a line of psychics who lives with his mom and his twin sisters in Podunk, USA. Ninten was minding his own business when a poltergeist attacked his house, and with geeky nerd Lloyd, shy girl Ana, and gang leader Teddy, sets out to collect eight pieces of a melody to solve the mystery of his lineage, meeting and battling bizarre characters along the way! Ninten is often mistaken for Ness, but they have no relations whatsoever.

Ness - Ness appears in the second game, Mother 2, which was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System under its more famous name, EarthBound. This game made its appearance in 1995 and is the most well-known of the trilogy. Ness' troubles started when a meteor crashed near his house, which contains a little beetle fortelling a certain doom that will appear unless a group of heroes can stop it. With fellow psychic girl Paula, boy genious Jeff, and martial arts expert Poo, Ness travels around the world to unlock his potential, constantly being hindered by the evil Giygas and Ness' next-door neighbor, Pokey Minch. Ness is most famous for appearing in the Super Smash Bros. series, and EarthBound has inspired other works like Undertale and even South Park!

Lucas - Lucas makes his debut in Mother 3, released for the Game Boy Advance in Japan in 2006. Lucas lives in a little town called Tazmilly Village in Nowhere Islands with his mother Hinawa, his father Flint, his dog Boney, and his twin brother Claus. Lucas' peaceful life would end when the Pigmask Army threatens his village and tears his family apart. Initially a shy, cowardly kid, Lucas is forced to fight the Pigmask Army with Boney, tomboy princess Kumatora, and local thief Duster in a race to recover the Seven Needles that is said to awaken a sleeping dragon buried deep within Nowhere Islands. Like Ness, Lucas has also appeared in the Super Smash Bros. series, but as of this proposal Mother 3 is never released overseas, but a special "fan translation" was done by some fans for everyone to enjoy!

Why should I support this idea proposal?

EarthBound is a cult hit, meaning that it's such a good game that seems to not get as much attention to the public as it deserves, from its unique gameplay to its quirky sense of humor. The trilogy is a great source of inspiration as mentioned earlier, changing even the way RPGs are constructed! The Brickheadz series is also perfect to show pop culture in the world of LEGO, and these three heroes are great for any collector, EarthBound fan or not. They could be cute little buddies for your office desk, or they could be very fitting for your game or LEGO room! If nothing else they are excellent conversation starters, and this gives the EarthBound community to voice their interest in the series once again.

Ladies and gentlemen, Brickheadz: EarthBound Heroes.

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