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Fire Watchtower

In all major mountain ranges at the highest peak there are watchtowers where people will keep a watch out over the mountains and keep an eye out for any signs of smoke or fire below, if they do see fire they will radio the forest service where they will come and extinguish it. Since the tower is up super high weather is a real danger so the roof is equipped with lightning rods and shutters to protect the structure and windows from any thunder or lightning storm and flying debris.The inside needs to be habitable because the people working there could be staying for multiple days. Inside there is a bunk bed, a small kitchen with a stove and counter top, and also there is a radio for contact with forest service. Below the main level is a storage for any tools or equipment that would possibly be needed to work on the tower. Outside is a lush landscape filled with greenery and plants mixed with a rocky terrain where lots of wildlife would inhabit. I built this because I love being outdoors and spending time in the wilderness and I also got to have the opportunity to spend the night at one of these amazing towers. I think this would make a great set to pair with any other camping or outdoorsy LEGO set.

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