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Journey into the Deep!

After Exo-Force was discontinued I have been trying to continue the theme with my own ideas. I took break from it after a couple of years when I came to university, but I am now doing my LEGO based Masters, so I felt this would be a perfect time to try the project again in conjunction with my major Masters project.

I came up with the idea of Exo-Force Abyss. If any of you are not familiar with the Exo-Force story, here's a brief summary:

Wave 1 - Sentai Fortress: Humans create mining robots which malfunction and turn against the humans, converting their mining machines into fierce battle mechs. The humans retaliated with their own mechs.

Wave 2 - The Golden City: The robots forced the humans down the mountain, where they stumbled upon the Golden City, where they discovered new, more powerful battle mechs.

Wave 3 - Deep Jungle: The robots managed to capture Sensei Keiken, and held him as a hostage in the thick jungle at the foot of the mountain. The humans created new -improved mechs especially designed for the environment and went to save their sensei

Wave 4 - The Abyss (my theme): After rescuing the sensei, the humans went to embark on their journey back up the mountain, but noticed their scanners picking up a powerful energy source in the ocean just a couple of kilometres away. Based on the strength of the signal, they predicted that the energy source would be enough to rebuild the Golden City and the Sentai Fortress 10 times over. So they returned to the Golden City, build new aquatic mechs, and went to find the energy source. However the robots were also wanted the energy source, and another battle broke out.

I hope you think my Exo-Force story is a worthy continuation of what I think is one of LEGO’s best themes. 

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