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Cottage of Treats


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This is quite the build for a treat shop. It is 2,245 pieces, where you can have a fun time playing with this unique Treat Shop. I made this to kind of look like a cottage , but still keep the main theme of it being a treat shop. There are Ice Cream, popsicles, and colorful pastries that consist in this set. It was a hard to get good interior lighting for the pictures, so if anyone has a way to fix that, please put it in the comments. This build took me about a month to build, but I finished it like a while ago anyway. i was not planning for this to be the next set that I was going to release, while I am still working on a big modular build which should be coming soon. Also, If we hit 100 supporters, I will have an update where I will add a car to the scene, and if we hit 1k, I will add minifigs. I know this will be a challenge to get to these milestones, but you know what, lets hope for the best. Please support this set and my other cool sets. One of them is just about to hit 100! Also, shout out to my dad who does all of the rendering for my creations, he is a true wonder to me. Also, shout out to my mom and bro, who give great support to me and do anything possible to help me out. Have a Great Day!

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