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Lego Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

Shadows of the Empire was introduced back in 1996. The main idea of it, tell part of the story between episodes V and VI. The franchise was huge; a book was written to tell the story. Along with that came a Nintendo 64 game, action figures, a soundtrack and even a trailer. The only thing that wasn't present was a tie in with Legos.

Today one of Lego's main series is that of Star Wars. Recently Lego has started branching out into The Clone Wars series and even the expanded universe, so why not revisit Shadows of the Empire?

It would be the perfect opportunity for many people to relive the excitement of the story of Leia, Chewie, Luke and Lando to try to reclaim Han's frozen body from the bounty hunter Boba Fett all while trying to avoid the bounty put on their heads by the empire and Prince Xizor, the leader of the criminal organization: Black Sun.

This is my idea: although I haven't actually build a model I do a have a few ideas for sets and they area as follows:

Set One: Prince Xizor's office
A key location in the story, it would include the figures Xizor and his android assistant/assassin Guri.

Set Two: Dash Rendar's ship, The Outrider
Included are figures Dash Rendar and his droid Leebo.

Set Three: Swoop bike chase
At one part of the story Luke Skywalker is pursued by a gang of thugs on swoop bikes. The set would include various swoop bikes and their thug riders. Luke Skywalker and his swoop bike and Dash Rendar with his.

Set Four: Dash Rendar vs IG88
Dash Rendar searches for IG88 so that he can find the whereabouts of Boba Fett but instead he has to fight him. Set would include Dash Rendar and IG88 (takes place on a hover train on Ord Mandell so maybe make it a train set?)

Set Five: Luke's Capture
With a bounty on his head by both the Empire and Black Sun Luke is captured by bounty hunters on Kothlis. When Darth Vader hears about this he attacks in hopes of capturing his son. Set would be of a jail. Figures included would be Luke Skywalker, Lando Calrissian, Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, and various bounty hunters including Skahtul.

Set Six: Leia and Chewbacca in disguise
In order for Leai and Chewbacca to get to Prince Xizor they must disguise themselves as bounty hunters Boushh and Snoova.
Figures included would be Princess Leia in Boushh armor, Chewbacca as Snoova and Guri

Set Seven: Prince Xizor's skyhook: Falleen's Fist
Probably the biggest set of all it. The scene is Luke and everyone are fleeing from Courasant while the Empire and Black Sun fight each other in its orbit. Figures included would be Prince Xizor, Black Sun guards, tie fighter pilots, stormtroopers, and rebel pilots.

There could be also be sets of just figures such as Luke Skywalker in Imperial Guard armor, Bothan Spies (Koth), The Rodian and various others.

For more info people can go to to look at all the Star War references.

Again this is just a concept idea and anyone can chime in and suggest improvements, revisions or additions. If this takes off Lego can revive a great jem of Star Wars all while expanding its Star Wars line. Lets make this happen!

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