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H.G. Wells The Time Machine


Join the Time Traveler to the future in H.G. Wells' Time Machine! Stylized with a brown, gold, and red color scheme, this time machine takes on a late 19th century feel. The build includes about 93 pieces, including swords, robot arms, and radar dishes. Equipped with:

  • Flushed out pilot's chair, with arm and head rests
  • Detailed control console
  • Spinnable dish
  • Gold side detailing 
  • 19th century Time Traveler figure

The Time Machine was a novel written by H.G. Wells in 1895, revolutioning the idea of traveling through time. The novel is about a young scientist who goes on a weird journey to the future in his futuristic time machine. Throughout my 15 years living in present day, I have always loved science fiction and history, so a novel about time traveling really fit with me!

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