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Mercedes-Benz SLR Mclaren 722


Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to my latest project!

The SLR 722 is one of the most special cars germany has given us in the last decades, and one of the rarest. The '722' does not refer to the engine power, but to the car Stirling Moss used to win Millie Miglia back in 1955. Having the name Mclaren on it also makes it a gift from the engineering gods to whoever drives. 


I really like the original model, so my attempt in it should recieve as much attention as I could give. As a result, the project took two months until finish and has the most complete features palette I've ever included in a 1:16 model. They are:

- opening hood (inverted style);
- opening doors (butterfly style);
- opening trunk lid (erm... normal style :p);
moving spoiler for airbrake;
- adjustable steering wheel height;
- adjustable seats backboard;
- moving gearshift lever;
- trunk space for a convertible version.

Dimensions: I'm out of rulers... sorry :c

The doors are a great improvement on the Ford GT's and are very easy to open. Actually, everything is pretty much easy to move. 

If you liked, could you please give your support? I'd be so glad!  

I'm also running a 2017 Ford GT project, if it interests you:




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